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In Honor of Moms

Graham Freeman

Graham Freeman

Thank you for joining my fundraiser in support of Make-A-Wish International.

Becoming a board member for Make-A-Wish International, expanded my personal commitment to support and sustain this impactful mission of helping children around the world build resilience to better face and hardships that come with fighting a critical illness. 

A wish is empowering and life-affirming. We take sick children on a carefully designed, unique journey where their most cherished wish comes true – giving them hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness, and joy from their incredible wish experiences.

Wishes are life-changing, and we have an ambitious vision – to grant the wish of every eligible child – and we have a long way to go in achieving it. Each wish requires an incredible amount of brainpower, creativity, time and generosity. So, our need is great.
With the generous donations and support of our donors, corporate partners, staff and volunteers, we are able fulfill our mission every day.

This Mother’s Day, I would like to invite you to join my fundraiser, to celebrate a mom in your life with a gift that transforms lives. It’s a gift that will inspire hope in wish children and some of their fiercest champions – their moms.

Let’s bring hope, strength, and joy to children and their moms’ – together! To rally this campaign and help reaching our campaign target of $ 15,000, I have contributed a lead gift of $5,000. Every additional dollar raised counts - thank you for your consideration, generosity, and compassion.




raised of $15,000 goal

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