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Let's support Chen and his family!

r/EXO Mods

r/EXO Mods

Thank you for joining my fundraiser in support of Make-A-Wish Korea.

In light of Chen's announcement about his family, we couldn't think of a better time to give back to the community. Taking inspiration from Chen, we would like to turn hard times into a way to give back and support those who are in need. Our hope is that our project will bring hope back into the EXO-L community and remind Chen that we support him and his family 100%.

For Wishes for Dae's, we have chosen the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ in particular because we would like to support youth and their families in Korea who deserve happiness, in the same way that Chen's family does. Chen has changed the lives of many EXO-Ls and we want to be able to give back all the hope he has given us over the past 8 years to those who are in need of it.

Thank you,

r/EXO Mods


About #ErisGiveBack

Two years ago Xiumin posted a message on the EXO-L Fansite Page stating that he no longer wanted to receive birthday gifts from fans. After some deliberation on how we could celebrate his birthday with more than just gifts, the mods from r/EXO and the EXO Discord Server created a project called #ErisGiveBack.

With this project, we have been holding fundraisers and making donations in the EXO Members names for their birthday's since March of 2018. Together in the last two years, we have donated ~$5655 to different charities all across the globe in EXO’s name.

This year, we have decided to take a break from birthday projects so that we can focus our efforts during times of need.



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Recent Donations

1. NNihilia
For Chen~ Best wishes for Chen and his family.
2. VMVictoria McEntire
<3 Always With Chen <3
3. SStormie Dawn
4. SSerina
With Chen <3
5. NSNeha Sharma
Well wishes to Jongdae and his family ❤
6. ?Anonymous
Always love and support you Chen ❤