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Bake for wishes

Apple Lee

Apple Lee

For those who know me, I absolutely cannot resist a cookie or anything sweet!

This time, I am going to combine my love for sweets and baking together and attempt to improve my lack of baking skills in the span of 2 weeks.

At the finale (office D&D), I will attempt a seemingly impossible task of baking for the whole marketing department (60 paxs). Please support me in my baking journey!

For now, I want you to meet the courageous Lilyana!

14-year-old Lilyana is a shy girl facing the challenges of growing up and also battling her condition, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all). So, when it came time for Lilyana to make her wish, she knew she wanted something that would make her feel special and beautiful… She wished to be a star for the day!

The day of her wish was incredible... after having her makeup and hair done by a professional make-up-artist, she had a photo shoot with a professional photographer, just like a true Hollywood star!

Please join me in experiencing the inspiration and fulfillment that comes from helping a child in the fight against a critical illness by joining my fundraiser today. Make-A-Wish still has many children to reach and cannot grant wishes without us. Please consider making a gift today.



Fastest fingers first! The first 20 in the office gets them! I will put them in the pantry

Here goes nothing! #bakingflatlays


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