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Help Me Grant Wishes!

Graham Freeman

Graham Freeman

Thank you for making time to visit our site and for your interest in potentially helping to grant wishes to children battling critical illnesses.

The wish experience gave Scarlet and Ella the strength to be courageous in the fight against their conditions. You'll see exactly what I mean when you watch their stories. This strength inspires me. This is why wishes matter. This is why we grant wishes. And this is why we need you.

Please join me in experiencing the inspiration and fulfillment that comes from helping a child in the fight against a critical illness by joining my fundraiser today. Make-A-Wish still has many children to reach and cannot grant wishes without us. Please consider making a gift today.

While I know you get asked to support a variety of charitable organizations, particularly at this time of the year, I’d be delighted if you could find time to include us in your gifting. Thanks in advance for your consideration, generosity and compassion.

Warm regards,



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