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Wishes For The Holidays!

Mia Littlejohn

Mia Littlejohn

This holiday season, I wanted to give back - not only for myself but for all of the children out there with critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish is not only my employer but my passion.

Cassio, who is battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma wished to be a vet. His wish experience gave him the strength to be courageous in his fight against his condition, just like the brave animals her took care of during his day. This strength inspires me. This is why wishes matter. This is why we grant wishes. And this is why we need you.

Please join me in experiencing the inspiration and fulfillment that comes from helping a child in the fight against a critical illness by joining my fundraiser today. Make-A-Wish still has many children to reach and cannot grant wishes without us. Help us grant wishes today.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, generosity and compassion this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!




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Happy Holidays! Keep granting these wonderful wishes!